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O Haligon Fine Art offers extraordinary art casting in Miami, FL. Once we are supplied with a mold, the casting process begins. We utilize a similar process as we did when we first created mold; only this time, the repellent we spray on the mold varies according to the material we are using to cast. Sometimes a repellent will not work if we are casting with clay or synthetic stone, as these are denser than the mold.

If this is the case, O Haligon Fine Art utilizes heat to remove the mold from underneath the material. Since the casting is denser than the mold, it can withstand more intense heat. We place the item in an oven and let the mold melt away from holes in the cast. The only thing we need to do after the heating process is clean out the mold residue on the inside of the item with pressure washers and cover up the drilled holes seamlessly with additional casting.

This art cast making process leaves you with a colorful and durable art piece perfect for home or office use. The only problem is the original mold is destroyed, but O Haligon Fine Art always makes sure to create multiple backup molds in case the cast is formed incorrectly. If the item is only slightly skewed, we provide art cast shaping to make slight adjustments to the finished product and smooth out any rough edges.

If you intend to paint over your art cast molding, O Haligon Fine Art recommends casting your object with smooth plaster. This material does not influence the tone of your pigments and closely resembles a traditional canvas. You can also easily apply guidelines and masking tape to the surface without altering it. Get your creative casting done right with our artistic assistance.