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If you are looking for fine art enlargement in Miami, FL, trust no one other than O Haligon Fine Art. Do not make the critical error of assuming when you want to make your current sculpture bigger that you need to start the process all over again. Do the smarter thing, and outsource your enlargement to us. We perfectly replicate your small item with scale being the only difference.

The first step of the process with our 3D art enlargements is to examine the item you want blown-up in depth. We take precise measurements of all the dimensions and angles of the piece and draw the sculpture on paper at every perspective. O Haligon Fine Art commences the enlargement process by creating a new mold and cast of the object using our drawings and the original piece as reference. Since we place such an emphasis on measuring the original piece, we never fail in keeping the proportions exact.

O Haligon Fine Art is embracing the next stage of technological innovation with our 3D printing enlargements. This service streamlines the entire process incredibly. Our 3D printers scan your item with a grid of lasers that interpret its size, depth, and volume. All we need to do is adjust the settings to increase its scale. Once the information is inputted, the printer begins working to fabricate the object perfectly. The process takes only a day or two.

3D art printing is revolutionizing the way sculptors and modelers are approaching their work. Turn a figurine into a large bust, or scale up your architectural model for better presentation with our help. Stop by our studio today to explore the possibilities.