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Our friendly technicians provide professional-grade art molding in Miami, FL. Traditionally, when classical sculptors needed to construct a human figure, they would begin with a solid block of material. The artist would draw on the material with paint or pencil to make a rough outline before chiseling off pieces and shaping. As admirable as this process is, technology has given much more convenient methods.

Painters utilize human models to help with the accuracy of their products, and now, sculptors can too, with our exceptional art molding. O Haligon Fine Art takes a human model, and sprays down the appendage to be molded with a repellent. Once the body part is coated and the spray is hardened, we comfortably place the part in a shaped wood cast. We then pour our unique, quick-drying mixture into the mold and let it set. Once dry, we remove the art mold casting and are left with a perfectly shaped item.

Since we sprayed the body part with the repellent, the mold effortlessly slides of the appendage. Once O Haligon Fine Art has this mold, we can create exact copies of the product with plastic, fiberglass, or metal. By using this creative molding process, we skip the shaping phase and go right into the texturing and coloring phase. This saves a tremendous amount of time and resources.

If you need complex art mold shapes, there is no one better to trust than O Haligon Fine Art. We make regular polygons, 3D skeletons, domes, and angled cages. Due to our exceptional mold fabrication, once we create an object, we can do it as many times as you need us to. See how much you have to gain with our art mold making.